Video Quality

Using this option you can set your video quality that will be recorded as part of your survey. Please note that when you increase video quality it takes more space and the sync time increases accordingly.

Image/Video scaling

By default, image/video are scaled to reduce the sync time and server space. This process reduces the size of the image/video while keeping the quality of the image/video.

Clear media after sync

eRaay keeps a copy of the image/audio/video in the local device even after the sync is done for future use. However, you can enable this if you want eRaay to delete them after a successful sync is done.

Allow online sync

After your survey is done, eRaay provides you two options for data sync i.e. online or offline. The online sync immediately sends the interview data to the server and hence takes some time whereas the offline sync stores the survey in local devices and does not take time. For online sync, your device should be connected to an active internet connection.

Allow multiple sync

By default, sync of multiple interviews is enabled. However when you have audio/ video/ photographs as part of your survey, syncing multiple survey might take very long time. You can disable multiple sync to sync one at a time.

Geotag Image

In eRaay, you can print the geo coordinates on the photographs you take. In order to do that you have to enable the postcode for the corresponding question and enable this feature.

System Settings
The system setting shows the details of the current device information.